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So you're outside the U.S. and need some Hourglass shoes? Email us! We'll make it happen.

Your shoes, our paint guidelines:
1.  The shoes you send us must be made of leather or leather-like material (no patent or suede).
2.  Send new or gently used (clean) shoes only, please.  
3.  The style of the shoe you choose is up to you. As a general rule simple is usually better, but buckles, straps, open-toe and other small design details are usually just fine. If you need help deciding if a shoe will work, you can always send us a picture and we'll let you know.

Sending us your shoes:
Once you've chosen one of the designs below, and placed your order, simply box up your shoes and send them to us (or drop them off in person during business hours if you're local!). Delivery time is four weeks or less from the date we receive them.

Here's our address:
Hourglass Footwear
1807 NW Dock Place
Seattle, WA 98107
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